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1. Personalised Pink Rose and Wax Flower Bouquet    Personalised Pink Rose and Wax Flower Bouquet.
Indulge your Mum this Mother's Day with this wonderful bouquet of pink roses and delicate pink wax flower. The soft pink shades look wonderful together and are sure to prompt a smile of pure pleasure.Your bouquet is sent with a gift card, containing your personal message, flower food and care instructions. You're now able to choose the date of delivery for your flower order. When you add to basket, choose yes to add free personalisation. After entering your gift message, please also provide a valid mobile telephone number and email address. Don't worry, we do not print your mobile or email address in the gift card!   Once you've placed your order we'll send you a link via text message and/or email. Please click the link and choose your required delivery date. If you do not confirm your required delivery date via the text or email link, your order will be automatically scheduled for delivery after 3 working days.Personalisation:. Message up to 3 lines, 50 characters per line (including spaces)  . Mobile number must be 11 digits or email address up to 50 charactersNote: Mobile number and email address will not be included in the personalisation on the gift card.

Ace Catalogue, UK Price: £32.99     Buy It
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2. 4Kg Duck and Swan Food    4Kg Duck and Swan Food.
There's something special about feeding ducks with your children or grandchildren - it's often their first introduction to wild birds. Now you can make sure that you give them something that's so much better for them than bread and you will find that ducks and swans will flock to this FLOATING food. These tasty, nutritious dry nuggets contain a balance of protein, oils, fibre, minerals and vitamins specifically formulated to supplement a wild waterfowls natural diet.

Garden Bird, UK Price: £9.99     Buy It
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3. 4Kg Badger and Fox Mix    4Kg Badger and Fox Mix.
This food is best placed in a quiet corner of your garden every morning or evening, together with a dish of water. The animals will quickly learn where to be, and at what time, and could soon become regular visitors.

Garden Bird, UK Price: £12.99     Buy It
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4. Squirrel Feeder    Squirrel Feeder.
By giving squirrels their own regular supply of food, you may tempt them away from your bird feeders. This simple wooden feeder is lidded to prevent access by birds, but is easy for a squirrel to open once he has worked it out! A clear window in the front gives him a good view of the food and an integral platform provides a comfortable perch. The feeder is hand-made from FSC (sustainable) cedar with brass fittings throughout and is easy to mount on a single nail or hook.

Garden Bird, UK Price: £13.99     Buy It
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5. stasher Silicone Multi-Purpose Kitchen Storage Bag, Clear, Large    stasher Silicone Multi-Purpose Kitchen Storage Bag, Clear, Large.
This large stasher bag can hold two strips of steaks, a bunch of asparagus or all your smoothie ingredients. Key features: Made from plastic-free platinum silicone Easy clasp pinch-and-press airtight seal Reusable and dishwasher safe Freezer and microwave safe, and oven safe to 220 °C Ideal for sous vide cooking Complies with FDA and European food-grade standards Stasher bags are multi-purpose, easy to use and easy to seal. You can cook dinner in them, use them for kitchen storage and even fill them with cosmetics for your travels. Give them a run in the dishwasher and you can use them again and again, for whatever purpose you choose. Made from platinum silicone, they're plastic-free and cause no harmful off-gassing when exposed to the sun, making food storage and cooking healthier. Fold them over to expel air before sealing them with a pinch and a press to make them airtight. Poach fish in them, with added herbs for flavouring. They're ideal for marinating meat in the fridge and then simply transfer for cooking without fuss. Add a little water to steam vegetables, retaining nutrients. Set them in a saucepan of boiling water and forget about then until they're ready. Give them a spin in a sous vide machine. Sous vide has fast become a culinary trend favoured by top chefs looking to tenderise meat for tastier meals. Stasher bags also keep food fresher for longer. Expel the air and place half an avocado with its seed in the fridge to keep until you're ready to eat it the next day. Take a stasher bag on your travels, filling it with cosmetics and toiletries or pens and pencils to keep kids occupied. You can even write on the bags with dry-erase markers to label your food by date for the fridge or freezer.

John Lewis & Partners Department Store, UK Price: £19.99     Buy It
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6. Deluxe Feeding Station with Feeders    Deluxe Feeding Station with Feeders.
A heavy duty and ornate steel feeding station that makes a great starter kit for any bird friendly garden. Features a pole with a four way head and comes supplied with a water dish, mesh tray and 2 additional feeder hooks. This Deluxe Feeding Station is available complete with feeders: one for Peanuts, one for Seeds, one for Niger Seed and a Suet Ball Feeder too. Dimensions: H: 2470mm W: 600mm D: 600mm (H: 97.2 W: 23.6 D: 23.6)Pole diameter: 22mm (0.9)* Please note: foods not included.

Garden Bird, UK Price: £24.99     Buy It
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7. Squirrel Repellent Spray - 750ml    Squirrel Repellent Spray - 750ml.
Deter squirrels from your bird feeders and other areas in your garden with this squirrel repellent spray. Treating an area of up to 225 square metres, the spray contains natural capsicum chilli extract which is irritable and distasteful to squirrels, but your garden birds will not be put off by it. The spray will deter most squirrels from your feeders, however the most ardent will bare the taste to eat the food so the spray is not 100% squirrel proof.

Garden Bird, UK Price: £5.99     Buy It
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8. 550g Pouch Insect Treat Pellets    550g Pouch Insect Treat Pellets.
Containing a mix of real insects, these treats will give your garden birds a hearty meal in the winter months when natural food is scarce. Extremely nutritious, they're packed with energy, protein, vitamins and minerals which also makes them ideal for feeding during the breeding season. Perfect for bird tables and softbills, such as thrushes, blackbirds and robins, absolutely love them scattered on the ground, too!

Garden Bird, UK Price: £1.49     Buy It
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9. 550g Pouch Ultiva Softbill Treat Pellets    550g Pouch Ultiva Softbill Treat Pellets.
Thrushes, Robins and Blackbirds will love these treat pellets containing a mixture of suet and Ultiva® Softbill Mix with ground raisins, peanut nibs, flaked maize, rolled naked oats and Bogena - the super-rich softbill food blended with insects, oils, fats and minerals - a real feast!

Garden Bird, UK Price: £1.49     Buy It
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10. Ground Feeder Sanctuary    Ground Feeder Sanctuary.
Allow small ground feeding birds to feed without the hassle of larger birds, such as Pigeons and Doves, getting to the food first with this sturdy ground feeder sanctuary. The sanctuary comes complete with a removable mesh tray that is suspended inside, making it much easier to clean and refill. Diameter: 50cm Weight: 2kg

Garden Bird, UK Price: £17.99     Buy It
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11. Cedar Wood Double Treat Block Feeder    Cedar Wood Double Treat Block Feeder.
Feed two treat blocks at a time with this beautiful cedar wood feeder. The roof extends over the treat block cages to prevent the foods from getting wet and the ledges allow more than one bird to feed at a time. Why not give your garden birds a choice and feed two different flavours at a time? Dimensions: H: 14cm W: 12cm D: 17cm

Garden Bird, UK Price: £9.99     Buy It
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12. Wildlife Garden Combi Feeder - White    Wildlife Garden Combi Feeder - White.
Choose what foods you want to feed your garden birds with these Combi Feeders from Wildlife Garden. Use the accompanying insert to feed peanut, treat pellets and food scraps, or remove the insert to fill with suet balls and apples. The Combi Feeders can easily be hung on a tree or feeding station. Available in green, red or white and holds a capacity of 1.2 litres of feed. Dimensions: H: 280mm W: 120mm D: 120mm

Garden Bird, UK Price: £12.99     Buy It
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13. 2kg Ultiva Finest Blend    2kg Ultiva Finest Blend.
Give your garden birds a high quality bird food that will not grow underneath your feeders. Our new non germinating seed mix contains a mix of sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, maize and finely chopped dari and millet, plus a generous helping of insect suet pellets - packed full of high ingredients.

Garden Bird, UK Price: £7.99     Buy It
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14. Spike's Meaty Feast - 100g    Spike's Meaty Feast - 100g.
A moist and meaty hedgehog feast that can be fed on its own or combined with our Hedgehog Food or the Spike's Delicious Crunchy Dry Food. Leave in a quiet corner in your garden with a shallow dish of water.

Garden Bird, UK Price: £0.89     Buy It
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15. Pond Pellets - 3 Ltr Tub    Pond Pellets - 3 Ltr Tub.
Pond Pellets are a pelletised form of food which are highly efficient in delivering nutrients to the fish. As with all fish feeding the golden rule is little and often.

Garden Bird, UK Price: £8.99     Buy It
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